The Art Of Manifestation

            As part of my Reiki training I was asked to come up with 21 manifestations. It seemed to be an overwhelming task but also an invitation to focus in and touch base with my desires. We can all easily get caught up in the shenanigans of life and be fearful of slowing down and asking ourselves. What do I want? There is no right or wrong way to manifest but I want to share what works best for me:)


3c06a820dab9cbbd85169a3320f30d9d   Remember as a kid wishing on a shooting star. You didn’t overthink it or put doubts into it, you simply believed it and felt a special energy around it. There is this divine wisdom within all of us and when you sit in a quiet, non-judgmental space, I believe the things we want will come through. What is your heart asking for and how to do you feel thinking of the things you want. Do they make you smile, feel happy, inspired, or excited. If we don’t let our thinking mind take over, what is lying beneath? That is where your wishes lie and I encourage you to let them through.


How I created the right space for my 21 manifestations to come forth.

20180613_213708 (1)
My messy yet beautiful alter

I am such a sucker for a good ambiance. Bring me all them candles, incense, mood lighting, and fluffy pillows. Setting up an intentional space tells my inner self that this is important and allows a safe environment that welcomes a good flow. Prep tips: pick some music that you find relaxing, maybe save the Top 40 for another time:) Light a candle and use it for a focus point. Get into your most comfortable clothes! I’m talking old, baggy sweatpants, worn in T-shirts, anything that you can breathe in. I love clothes that remind me of hugs; ones that provide warmth, security, and envelope you. Set yourself up so you can be in touch with your intuition and guided through the process with love and support.



        What works best for me to get the creative juices flowing is Movement! That can be yoga, stretching, Thai Chi, or dancing in your underwear.  Sitting can make energy feel stagnant, and movement can awaken the energy. Setting us up for more inspiration to come through.

Write. write anything that comes to you. (desires, wishes, ideas)

       I write my sentence in present tense. As if it is already my reality. For me this puts me in an abundant mindset and lets the Universe know I am ready to receive.

         Once you have a list try reading it loud a few times and really feel it. Close your eyes. Use your imagination to envision. Feel worthy of it and embrace it. If writing isn’t for you, try a vision board:) Take some magazines and cut out any images or words that resonate. Put them all on a piece of paper and arrange them in a way that feels good. It can also be used on your alter or hung up on a wall as a daily reminder of your manifestations.



          I wanted to touch on signs. Sometimes there are patterns that can help guide us to creating our manifestations. Maybe more than one person is telling you to start your own business. Or you have more than one person in your life who is draining your energy. These can be signs we can use to initiate change that aligns us with what we NEED or WANT. Maybe it’s time to start thinking of a side hustle that your passionate about or to set boundaries from those individuals that drain you. Pay attention. These patterns can be trying to tell us something. Unblocking or acknowledging them could unlock some useful energy shifts. 

        I am passionate about tapping in to our inner selves and using manifestations as a way to do this. I believe we have the strength and power to create lives full of loving, positive energy. Checking in and taking mini moments to be with yourself and your desires can help us do just that. I hope you can use this article to inspire you. You are a powerful human with so much to offer and deserve so much in this world! Always remember:) Sending good vibes, Chelsey

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