“If the path before you is clear,

you’re probably on someone else’s.”

Joseph Campbell

My Offerings


Drown out the Noise

Good for you if you feel overwhelmed by a busy life or busy mind. This session aims to quite the mind, and get to the core of what is there. We will

  • Practice mindfulness and meditation
  • Use tools to de-clutter our lives and thoughts
  • Get to the core of what the heart is telling us, and gain clarity around who we are, and what we want


Guidance in Mindful Emotions

Emotions can be tricky. We can either feel them way too much, or avoid them like the plague. Emotional well being is HUGE, to living a life with ease, flow, and awareness.

  • Understand which emotions we are avoiding, which ones we want to feel more of. And how we can make space for all of them.
  • Come back to our power, and sense of wholeness
  • Learn tools that empower us with our emotions. So we are back in control
  • Rewrite our stories from childhood, so we can restart our conversation with emotions and feelings.
  • Find healthy ways to express our feelings to ourselves and others

Grief and Loss

I have had a lot of experience with this in my life. I know we all face grief and loss differently, and that is OK. Here we will

  • Learn to get comfortable with the uncomfortable
  • Explore our own healing with grief and what approaches work best for you
  • Learn to navigate the wave of grief, and have practical tools on hand to assist us during the ups and downs
  • Understand we are changed forever, and learn how to protect your story, especially when others want you to move on

How I Work

30 minute free consultations. Just a heart to heart conversation. This is to provide some insight into your goals and how I work. I fully understand that this work is a very personal choice and want to honor that and we can decide if working together is what is best for you.

All Sessions are done virtually. 60 minute sessions. Each session is tailored specifically for the client based upon their goals and needs.


Schedule your free consultation here and let’s chat!

Or email me with any questions!


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